Grand Gulch - Bullet Canyon to Canyon Junction

Monument Valley Trails

Trail Head: 37.430747, -109.949777
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 14.5 miles round trip

Grand Gulch is the premier spot to view ancient Anasazi ruins in a natural, wilderness setting. The canyon is a virtual museum, with rock art, stone houses, kivas, pottery shards and other artifacts.

Permits are required to day hike and can be obtained at many trailheads. Backpackers need special permits that can be obtained from the BLM via the Internet or from their ranger office at Kane Gulch.

For day hikes, we recommend descending Bullet Canyon as far as you want and then returning the way you came in. Strong hikers may be able to go as far as the Bullet Canyon/Grand Gulch junction. You'll certainly want to spend time searching out and admiring ruins, so don't plan to hike the entire day.


(37.430747, -109.949777)

The trailhead is located on Grand Gulch Plateau, off Hwy 261. From the parking area, follow the trail as it enters the wash and then stay in the bottom as the canyon grows deeper.

Most major ruins and rock art sites are located on the north side of the canyon, one or two contours above the canyon floor.

Canyon Junction

(37.445425, -110.042351)

There are several major sites near the Bullet Canyon/Grand Gulch junction, and more both up and down Grand Gulch. You could spend a month here and never see it all.

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