Hiking-Navajo Loop Trail

The most popular trail in Bryce Canyon National Park, the Navajo Loop Trail takes visitors down the rim from Sunset Point, through the narrow corridors of Wall Street, past the Silent City, past an intersection with Queens Garden Loop Trail, and the top of Peekaboo Loop Trail, before ascending the rim of the amphitheater again at Sunset Point. The trail requires hikers to descend 800 feet down the side of the Bryce rim, and then at the end of the hike to climb right back up that slope.

Trail Head: 37.623763, -112.167763
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 1.3 miles round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Sunset Point Parking Lot

The parking lot is just south of the Bryce Canyon Lodge, off of State Highway 63.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is the staging area for the Navajo Loop Trail, and presents marvelous views of some of the park’s most popular sites.

The Silent City

The Silent City is a metropolis of spires and hoodoos along the west side of the Navajo Loop, crowded together like an urban sprawl made of pink, orange, and brown limestone.

Wall Street

Beside the collection of hoodoos that comprises the whole of Bryce Canyon itself, the slot canyon-style narrowness Wall Street is probably the most famous and magnetic attraction in the park.

Junction with Queens Garden Loop Trail

For those who are not satisfied with such a short hike by itself, the Queens Garden Loop Trail is connected to Navajo practically at the hip, creating a great continuance of some of the most magical desert hiking available. For those who crave even more, the Peekaboo Loop Trail also connects to Navajo at its southernmost point, coming in from Bryce Point.

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