Hiking-Landscape Arch Trail

Landscape Arch is the largest arch on the planet, beating out Zion National Park’s Kolob Arch by a scant 3 feet. Pieces of Landscape Arch have broken off during the past few centuries, some chunks the size of automobiles. This leads to two schools of thought: Landscape is at the end of its life cycle and will soon be a pile of rubble, or that Landscape has just shed some pounds and that the new, balanced arch may be around for a few hundred more years after all. Either way, Landscape is an awesome sight; the amazing width of the stone arch, held in place by such a delicate, slender center.

Trail Head: 38.783166, -109.595171
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 1.56 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Landscape Arch is located at the end of the manicured Devils Garden Trail, in the top portion of Arches National Park, off of the Arches Entrance Road. The Devils Garden area hosts an awesome number of arches and other natural sculptures.


Devils Garden Trailhead

This is a nice trail, paved, wide, and level, as good as it gets in the barren Arches landscape. The improved Devils Garden Trail ends at Landscape Arch; a Primitive Loop Trail extends from there, providing access to many of the area's most spectacular structures.

Spur Trail to Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch

This little trail branches off of the main, heading north for a look at these two lesser known arches. The path to Pine Tree Arch forks left 300 feet off of the Devils Garden Trail , and is just over a kilometer long. To reach Tunnel Arch, take the right fork, which is only 600 feet long.

Devils Garden Primitive Loop Trail

There is more to see within the Devils Garden then just the impressive Landscape Arch. Private Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Wall Arch, Double O Arch, the Dark Angel pinnacle, and more, all hide within the rocky playground, and the Primitive Loop Trail takes visitors to see them all.

Landscape Arch Viewing Area

Only a few years ago, a short spur trail passed directly underneath the arch. Because of recent rock falls from the underside of the arch, visitors are no longer allowed to travel underneath the fragile-looking rock span.

Landscape Arch

The largest arch in the entire world, Landscape is rightfully famous. It is amazingly thin, delicate-looking, and photogenic. In its last (and most accurate measurement), Landscape was reported to span 290.1 feet. Kolob Arch spanned a close second at 287.4 feet.

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