Balanced Rock Trail

Located almost in the middle of the small park, the Balanced Rock Trail takes visitors on a short loop hike up to, and around, the Balanced Rock, an easily recognizable landmark of Arches National Park. Balanced Rock as exactly what its name implies: a large rock, balanced upon a narrower pedestal of stone beneath it. The trail has an elevation gain of less than 50 feet, and is short enough to make the trail fun for even the newest of outdoor enthusiasts.

Trail Head: 38.701905, -109.566305
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 0.3-mile roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

Balanced Rock Trailhead

The trailhead is situated along the Arches Entrance Road, on the east side of the junction with the Willow Springs Trail.

Balanced Rock

The balanced, upper portion of the rock is as large as three school busses.

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