Four Corners Adventures

Extreme adventures and memorable excursions await you in the Four Corners Area and on the San Juan. Let us guide you off the beaten path to some of the world's most wondrous scenery within minutes of our base camp in Bluff, Utah.

2625 S Hwy 191
Bluff, Utah 84512

Don't hesitate to book a tour If you are contemplating a wilderness Utah adventure. These tour guides are locals that know the area and are real outdoorsmen. They can outfit and guide you in a remote canyon adventure that you'll never forget.

Four Corners Adventures will take you canyoneering, mountain biking, hiking, ATV riding and much more! Below are just three of the amazing tours this adventure company has to offer.

Arch Canyon RZR Tour
This is arguably the best 4-wheeling trail in the region. In RZRs, we will drive up Comb Wash following 400’ cliffs viewing rock art along the way. The trail then cuts up Arch Canyon following a perennial stream. As the road gets rougher the canyon walls climb on every side. The trail ends in a ponderosa grove where we have lunch. From here, an optional short hike takes us closer to massive arches. We then follow the same trail back, viewing Anasazi ruins and taking optional side hikes. This trip captures the flavor of Southern Utah’s “Outback.”
Adults: $175 Youth: $133

Fry Canyon Full Day Tour
The Cedar Mesa classic canyoneering experience. Two picturesque slot canyons in one day. You'll swim, down-climb and scramble over and under boulders. We'll then rappel 60' into a pool of water and come out of the slot to view an ancient Anasazi cliff dwelling. This is a full day trip lasting 6-8 hours based on group size and skill.
Adults: $159 Youth: $139

Road Canyon Full Day Tour
The best of Cedar Mesa in one full day. You will hike to two pristine Anasazi ruin sites for a total of 6 miles hiking. First, we will hike to the Citadel Ruin and following the Citadel we will take another hike to Fallen Roof Ruin. These are easy to moderate trails with some steep hills going down to Fallen Roof. Route finding can be difficult, but with our guide, you are in good hands. You also get to drive up and down the Moki Dugway and we’ll make a detour to Muley Point which overlooks the Goosenecks, Monument Valley and more. It’s like sitting on the edge of the world.
Adults: $139 Youth: $99

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