Fort Buenaventura

Fort Buenaventura was the first permanent Anglo settlement in the Great Basin. It marked the close of the exploration, trapping and trading era in the West. The fort has been reconstructed on a 32-acre tract of land in Ogden, 35 miles north of Salt Lake City. Fort Buenaventura includes stockade and cabin replicas on the original site, visitor center, group camping and day-use area, picnic tables, canoe rentals and modern restrooms. Mountain men activities are held as special times throughout the spring and summer. Read more...




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38F 17F Average Temperature
1.5" Avg. Precipitation (inches)
17.1" Avg. Snowfall (inches)

Ft. Buenaventura Information

Acres - 88
Elevation - 4,500 ft.
Park Open - April - November
Group Camping
Stay Limit - 14 Days
Visitor Center/Museum - Hours Vary
Drinking Water
Modern Rest Rooms
Watchable Wildlife
Concession Service

For updated information regarding facilities for the physically challenged, contact the park.

Ft. Buenaventura
2450 A Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401-2203

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