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Discover remote areas in close proximity to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park on a guided tour with Forgotten Tours!

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Forgotten Tours is excited to give guests the opportunity to experience true remote adventure in Southern Utah. Their guided showings bring clients into forgotten secrets of Zion's desert and show amazing rock formations and colors!

Guided Tours

#1 Lost Springs Mesa Rock Garden Tour
In just four hours this experience gives you a feel of remote and exotic adventure! Located only minutes from Zion National Park this guided tour gives you a chance to relive a newly discovered rock garden that features very amazing formations and breathtaking color clusters! This is a discovery experience that you will want to share with a loved one or friend!

Distance: 17 mile shuttle ride, 1 mile hike
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $80 for first seat, $60 for every additional seat

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#2 Bike beyond Gooseberry
This tour gives bike riders the chance to discover Signature Rock Garden on Lost Springs Mesa. The trail is easy enough for unexperienced bikers and easier than Gooseberry. You won't get an experience like this anywhere else!

Distance: 17 mile bike ride, 1 mike hike
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $80 per biker, $60 for every additional biker. $20 per hour per person for every hour spent over 5 hours. *This does not include the bike.

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#3 Remote Glamp "Glamorous Camping"
Glamp in a recently discovered area full of very beautiful rock clusters. This tour is so remote, you'll be given a two-way radio to use. Site includes all sleeping accommodations.

Distance: 17 mile shuttle
Duration: Overnight
Cost: $150 to $250 depending on site location. Site includes accommodations for 2 people. $40 shuttle. $75 picnic breakfast & dinner.

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#4 Gardens Overnight
This is an experience that gives you two fo the most awesome hiking or biking times the desert has to offer. The sunsets and sunrises will be something that will not be forgotten. This tour combines experience #1 or #2 with experience #3.

Distance: 23 mile shuttle or bike hike, 2 (2) mile hikes
Duration: 4pm day 1 to 11am day 2
Cost: Call for cost

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#5 Full Day
This tour is an eight hour experience of strength and endurance, taking you to most of the rock formations and or gardens on the other tours. This tour is designed for those who want to spend a little more time on the mesa.

Distance: 23 mile shuttle or bike hike, 2 (2) mile hikes
Duration: 8 hour duration
Cost: $160 per hiker or biker, $120 for every additional hiker or biker. $20 per hour per person for every hour spent over 9 hours.

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#6 Custom Tour
This tour is for any who want a custom experience in remote and breathtaking areas. This tour is also good for a surprise, birthday gift, or family reunion.

Pricing for this tour varies. call for a quote.
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#7 Get Me Off the Map
This tour gets you off the map! Great for those who need some time out! Guests can be blindfolded to destination and play "getting lost" game, if they so desire. See website for more information.
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