Fish Lake Fishing

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Lake Trout
Rainbow Trout
Yellow Perch

Fish Lake offers very good trout and perch fishing in a spectacular, high mountain setting. It is one of the better places in the Western US to catch large lake trout (up to 30 pounds) and splake (a lake trout/brook trout hybrid that is fairly easy to catch and often reaches 4-6 pounds in the lake). Rainbows are also common in the lake, as are yellow perch.

The lake is located in south-central Utah, on the edge of the Fish Lake Hightop Plateau, at an elevation of about 8,800 feet. The nearest town is Loa. The area is forested; much of the adjacent land is contained within the Fish Lake National Forest.

Excellent boat launching, lodging and camping facilities can be found at the lake, which is five miles long, a half mile wide and up to 120 feet deep.

Shore fishing is productive in several spots around the lake, but the most consistent action comes to those fishing from boats. Fish often hit lures trolled just under the surface, or deep using down riggers. Lake trout are often found near the bottom in deep water and are usually caught by anglers fishing heavy jigs tipped with bait (dead minnow, sucker meat or night crawlers).

Thick weeds are found near shore in many areas. If you work a small jig tipped with bait along the deep-water side of the weed beds you may catch any of the game fish in the lake.

This beautiful mountain lake offers welcome cool temperatures while most of southern Utah is sweltering in summer heat. During winter, snow piles deep in this area. The paved road to the lake is plowed regularly but may be closed temporarily during heavy snowstorms.

Ice fishing is very popular here. Splake, in particular, bite well during the winter and attract good numbers of fishermen.

Snowmobiling is also popular here and hundreds of miles of trail are available.

Two nearby streams, Sevenmile Creek and the Fremont River, are popular with fly fishermen. They offer various species of trout.

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