Utah Extreme Sports

Rock climb, hang glide, motocross, skydive and do more in Utah's pretty mountains and vast deserts. Cliffs are plentiful, valleys are wide, and trails are epic. Start your adventure today. And then post the heck out of social media. Read more...



World-Class Crags and Routes

Indian Creek, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Maple Canyon and more...


Take a Dive

You probably won't regret it.

Mountain Biking

Best trails in St. George


Slot canyons galore



Extreme Sports

Utah is a popular destination for people who want to engage in extreme sports - exciting adventure activities that usually carry elements of danger. Our intent is to connect people with guides or organizations having expertise in these sports. We do not provide complete how-to, where-to information.

We strongly encourage people to hire licensed guides, obtain adequate information and use proper equipment when engaging in these activities.

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