Duck Creek Rentals

Duck Creek Rentals is the premium rental location in the Duck Creek Village.

885 E Church Drive
Duck Creek Village, UT 84762

Duck Creek Rentals specializes in renting UTV, ATV and side-by-side vehicles. Four wheel drive and long travel suspension enable their fleet to comfortably navigate through back country terrain and scenic landscapes unseen by road vehicles.


The Markagunt Trail System
Riders will enjoy the Red Desert Loop, which runs 11 miles over a combination of maintained dirt road and double-track trail.

Tommy Creek Loop
Visit Mammoth Cave on the Tommy Creek Loop. The quarter-mile-long cave has multiple entrances, including one you can crawl through on your belly, and 2,200 feet of lava tubes in its four chambers.

Strawberry Loop
The Strawberry Loop has nine trails allowing you to explore ice caves and enjoy panoramic views of the distant national park.

Markagunt Plateau Loop
The Markagunt Trail System’s seven interconnecting loops roll out about 500 miles of trails.


Side x Sides

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