Cabin Rentals in Utah

Many people don't realize that cabins are available for rent at many campgrounds. They come in a wide variety of configurations, from basic shelters to luxurious hideaways. Most are affordable units that offer a rustic camping experience in a structure is more comfortable and convenient than a tent.

Basic cabins may have just one room, furnished with a bunk bed, a double bed, a table and a couple of chairs. Such cabins may not have plumbing. Shared bathrooms and sometimes showers are offered at a nearby central site. Most have electricity and a heater. But think about it, you're getting a real mattress and a dry, heated room for just a little more than you would pay for a tent site.

Many campgrounds offer cabins with two bedrooms, and some have bathrooms.

Usually these camping cabins do not have stoves or microwaves. They often have porches and outdoor cooking facilities like fire pits and barbecue grills.

Normally you need to bring your own bedding - sleeping bags are easy and convenient.

Shared campground facilities are available to people staying in the cabins. facilities often including swimming pools, Jacuzzis and playground equipment.

Check websites or call campgrounds to learn about options available where you may want to stay. Some offer cabins that are quite luxurious, for very reasonable prices.

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