Camping in Utah

Choose from over 7,000 pristine campsites. Adventure into alpine wilderness for camping in any of Utah's high mountain ranges, or take your tarp and bivvy sack into the isolated and bare desert where night skies will change your life. Forever. Truly. Read more...



Camp in the Center of Utah's Desert Playgrounds

Temple View RV Park is your hub for Zion and more.


Explore Dinosaurland

Visit Vernal


Pies Are For Campers

Bryce Canyon Pines RV Park...with pie.

Things to Do

750,000 Acres to Explore

The Arapeen Trail

Hotels & Lodging

Rainout solution

Choice Hotels has dozens of waterproof hotels

Local View

Weekend Backpacking Trips

In the Uintas


Choose Your Adventure

And explore Utah's Mighty 5



With so many camping opportunities available, one of the most difficult aspects of Utah camping can be deciding where to go. The easiest way to narrow your selection is to first determine what you want to do there: fish, hike, mountain bike, boat, raft, etc. Some areas, like the national parks, lend themselves more to hiking than fishing. Other camping areas offer both. Many of the camping areas require that you make a reservation or buy a permit to camp there. Limits on length of stay may vary as well, so make sure you inquire when you look into reservations.

Next, determine what amenities you want in your preferred campsite. Amenities will vary from campground to campground. Do you want an improved campsite with barbecue grills, running water and toilets? Or would you prefer an unimproved campground with only a fire pit. (Beware: Some campgrounds don't allow open pit fires.) Some facilities may even include hot showers and full utility hookups. The Regional Campground Directory later in this book lists the amenities available at each campground.

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