CamelBak Pursuit Series

August 11-13, 2017

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Did you ever have that friend who was really outdoorsy? They had all the best gear, knew all the cool places to go, and would let you tag along and teach you their ways. Now imagine you had a friend like that for every outdoor activity you could ever want to try. They have kayaks, climbing gear, and mountain bikes. They’re a certified yoga instructor, trained chef, and survival expert. They welcome you with open arms and introduce you to their other super outdoorsy, awesome friends. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! That friend exists and it’s the CamelBak Pursuit Series.

From August 11th - 13th, the CamelBak Pursuit Series will be held in the heart of the Wasatch at Snowbasin Resort. Think of it like summer camp for adults who love the outdoors. Each day is filled with classes, activities, discussions and a bunch of new friends to share the experience with. What’s great is that you get to create your own schedule. If you want every second of everyday jam-packed with action, all the power to ya! If you’re really just looking to relax, get some fresh air and try one or two new things each day, by all means, take it easy. It’s 100% customizable to your wildest (or tamest) hopes and dreams. To cap off all of the fun, every night finishes with live music, campfire, and cocktails.

The CamelBak Pursuit Series is all about bringing together people who share a feeling. Your skill level, experience, or aspirations don’t matter. What matters is that you love the outdoors and want to connect with people who feel the same way. It’s about having fun, growing, and sharing. The event really is “anyone’s weekend.” Until August 1st, members can get $200 off the registration price. Use the code UTAH CODE to get your tickets for the Salt Lake City event before they sell out.

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