Great Salt Lake Boating

Great Salt Lake Overview

Elevation: 4,200 ft
Surface Acres: 960,000

Great Salt Lake is Utah's largest body of water, with almost twice as much surface area as Lake Powell.  It makes for a great cruising destination.

Great Salt Lake is definitely a worthwhile boating destination. It has a variety of islands that you can explore, each with their own history. Some of the long beaches are the best in the state. Everybody should get on this water at least once.

Antelope Island has a nice marina with slips that can be rented on a transient and seasonal basis. The marina offers a pump-out station. There is camping nearby and a very nice beach area on the island at Bridger Bay. During the summer months there is a Grill at the beach that is operated by a concessionaire. There is no fuel on the lake and the causeway is nearly seven miles long, so fuel up.

Great Salt Lake State Park Marina offers a well-developed marina with water, electricity, and a pump-out station.

The salty water requires that you flush out your engines when you leave the lake and rinse off your boat hull and trailer before you hit the road. Salt can rust metal very quickly.

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