Crowded, schmrowded. Believe it or not seclusion still exists.

The gateway to Bridges. The gateway to the Trail of the Ancients. The gateway to Arches. The gateway to Goosenecks. Come to think of it, it would actually just be easier to tell you what Blanding isn't the gateway to, which in short is absoluely nothing. Blanding is its own little coop with hometown hospitality and smalltown vibes. See everything Southeastern Utah has to offer minus a pack of tourists blocking your camera view. Read more...


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Four Corners Inn

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Native Pottery

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Four Corners Inn

See four states from just one hotel

Blanding Attractions

12 Major Utah Attractions

Monument Valley

Progress has nothing to offer

Four Corners Inn

See four states from just one hotel

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Four Corners

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Bears Ears

Utah's youngest National Monument


Must Dos in Blanding
•Hovenweep National Monument: The home of six prehistoric villages built between A.D. 1200 and 1300
•Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum: See the largest collection of Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) pottery
•The Dinosaur Museum: Explore the world of the dinosaurs with realistic sculptures and exhibits
•Huck's Museum & Trading Post: View an incredible amount of artifacts including beads, arrowheads and ancient axes

Outdoor Activities
•Bikepacking (biking+camping): Hello Abajo Mountains! Bike on single or double trails and enjoy the mountain solitude
•Climbing: Climb your way through national parks and other rocky terrains
•Hiking: Try out Mule Canyon for an easy hike where you can discover Ancestral Puebloan ruins
•ATV Trails: Ride your way through the maze of valleys, plateaus, and mountains

Nearby Natural Wonders
•Natural Bridges National Monument
•Goosenecks State Park
•Arches National Park
•Monument Valley
•San Juan River
•Four Corners Monument
•Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


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    50 West 100 South
    Blanding, UT 84511

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38F 17F Average Temperature
1.5" Avg. Precipitation (inches)
17.1" Avg. Snowfall (inches)
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