Bears Ears National Monument

Utah's youngest (by designation) national monument

Bears Ears National Monument in Utah's San Juan County is home to one of the most fascinating cultural landscapes in the United States, with countless Native American ruins and other archaeological sites. Here, visitors can view abundant rock art, ancient cliff dwellings, ceremonial kivas, and countless other artifacts. Bears Ears is 1.35 million acres of sandstone canyons, mesas that go on forever, and forested buttes, including the twin peaks that look like the ears of a bear...thus the name. Read more...


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Within the geographic area of Bears Ears National Monument are plenty of incredible sights. Here are some of our favorites.

Natural Bridges National Monument

Features three huge, stream-carved natural bridges as well as a concentration of Anasazi ruins. It was also designated as the first international dark sky park.

Edge of the Cedars State Park

Home to ancient relics from Pueblo People (Anasazi) in an impressive museum, as well as restored ruins from an Anasazi community, including a restored kiva.

Cedar Mesa and Grand Gulch

These two plateaus include some of the best backcountry spots to find and learn about rock art and ancient ruins left by the Ancestral Puebloans (also known as the Anasazi culture), which thrived in the Four Corners area about a thousand years ago.

Mule Canyon

A small Anasazi village, used for living quarters and religious ceremonies.


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