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Bad Apple Eddy Outfitters want to help you get out on the water! Their passion is paddling. They offer SUP, kayak, river tube, canoes, and raft rentals. They have straps you'll need to secure your rental, trailers. Or, they can deliver to you. All of their rentals come with the necessary paddle(s) and life jacket(s) with extras available for rent.

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(435) 915-6767
553 N Main Street
Logan, UT 84321


SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
Rent one or a bunch for your whole group! They offer hard shell paddleboards that are stable and easy to paddle. If you're feeling adventurous, rent an inflatable SUP for some river running (and easy transport).


SUP Hardboard Rentals - $23.45/day
SUP Inflatables Rentals - $28.14/day

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Canoes are 16-17 feet and made for two people (comes with 2 life jackets). Bad Apple Eddy will help get your canoe on your vehicle or they have trailers available for transporting more.

Solo Canoe
Bad Apple Eddy also rents single person canoes that are equipped with a kayak style seat. As open cockpit canoes, these are great for carrying bigger coolers or fishing gear.

Canoe Rentals - $28.14/day
Solo Canoe Rentals - $28.14/day

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Sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in kayaks, pedal kayaks, inflatable and youth kayaks are available for rent.

Single Sit on Top Kayak Rentals - $23.45/day
Tandem Sit on Top Kayak Rentals - $32.83/day
Single Sit In Kayak Rentals - $23.45/day
Pedal Kayak Rentals - $42.21/day
Youth Sit on Top Kayak Rentals - $14.07/day
Whitewater Kayak Rentals - $32.83/day
Single Inflatable Kayak Rentals - $28.14/day
Tandem Inflatable Kayak Rentals - $37.52/day

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Rafts are 14ft and 15ft and come with up to 7 life jackets and paddles. Choose between a paddle rig or oar rig.

14'/15' River Raft Rentals (Paddle Rig) - $70.36/day
14/15' River Raft Rentals (Oar Rig) - $93.81/day

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River Float Tube
The best tubes made! Made of the same durable materials as full-size rafts, their tubes are like a little personal-sized whitewater raft.

River Tube Rental - $9.38/day

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Raft Couch
That's right, an inflatable raft couch! Made with the same rubber and air bladder as the whitewater rafts. Has 2 up holders.

Raft Couch - $37.52/day

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