Utah ATV Trails & Guides

With so much of Utah designated as public land administered for recreational use, and hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, great four-wheel drive or ATV terrain is never far away!
In many areas of the state four-wheel drive and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rentals are available. Guided backcountry trips employing four-wheel drive or all-terrain vehicles are an excellent way to see some of Utah's most beautiful and untouched landscapes.



Paiute Trail

ATV your way through 278 miles of dirt roads & paved trails

ATV Ramblers

The Other Side of Utah


Ride on the wild side


Top shelf riding on the top shelf of Utah

ATV Ramblers

The Other Side of Utah

Ride Free

The Ultimate Kanab Adventure Guide

Greater Zion

20,000 acres of red sand & rocks

ATV Ramblers

The Other Side of Utah

East Zion Adventures

Jeep Tours of East Zion

Kanab Tour Company

Guided ATV Tours

ATV near Brian Head

Cedar City views won't be matched

The Carbon Corridor

Bring the whole group and ride!

Guided ATV in Bryce Canyon

Let Ruby's Guided Tours do all the work

Big Mountain Lodge

Ride and relax




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