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The same petrified sand dunes that erode so archly (get it?!) in the national parks up the road make Moab Mecca for rock crawlers (…and mountain bikers, and hikers, and rock climbers, and…). This sandstone “slickrock” is anything but, giving fat-tired jeeps the grip to creep cliffs and crevices they clearly oughtn’t. On the gnarliness scale, Moab has rides ranging from “weekend warrior” to “I put an extra $15K into my $18K CJ7.”


FINS & THINGS | Requires Big Boy/Girl Pants
You can do this one in a stock jeep. There are two sections to the trail, both of which loop out from Sand Flats Road, and you’re actually on fins a majority of the time. There are some steep ascents so it’s not for beginners, but it’s generally common-sense driving.

POISON SPIDER MESA | At least one person in your party should have a neck tattoo
On this dirt/rock hybrid, keep an eye out for mountain bikers, petroglyphs and Pig Rock. Little Arch is a big payoff at the top. If you have all day, continue on to Golden Spike and then Gold Bar Rim for more technical driving.

STEEL BENDER | Don't take anyone you care deeply about on this trail
The toughest of the four by far. For experts who have lifts, lockers, big tires and a good attitude about body damage. Even the bypass routes are harrowing.

HELL'S REVENGE | Requires adult diapers
This is the trail in Moab. Everyone knows it, and not just because it has the best branding. Highlights: Hell’s Gate, Mickey’s Hot Tub, Escalator. More technical than Fins & Things.

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Every year around Easter time, Moab hosts what is referred to as the Easter Jeep Safari. Off-road enthusiasts come from miles around to participate in this annual event. Here are some of the trails that are featured during the safari.



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