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ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours have been in the guiding business since 1966 and will show you southern Utah like you have never seen it before. Call now and mention to get a free hat or t-shirt.

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ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours offer guided scenic tours of Utah's spectacular backcountry. Tear up the sand and enjoy 2-5 hour day trips or 2-4 hour incredible Jeep trips on the gorgeous Red Plateau. These ATV tours are all about digging in the red sand.

Scheduled Tours:

ATV Tours
• Beginner level ATV riding (we love our first-time riders!)
• Visit amazing red rock formations (The Flinstone house is real!)
• Experience the vast beauty of the Southern Utah desert from the comfort of an ATV.
• Learn history about the early settlers of St George.
• Play in the red sand dunes, different than anything else you have seen.

ATV Tours

Whether you are looking for a quick15-mile ride or would like to experience an all-day sand dune adventure, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours provide an array of guided tours that will take you through the gorgeous Sand Hollow State Park, Sand Mountain, and West Rim.
Rise to an elevation of over 5000 feet on the four-hour tour while enjoying complimentary snacks and ice cold water, or get out for a quick ride on the two-hour tour and enjoy the beautiful backcountry that southern Utah has to offer.

Scenic Van Tours
• You will love the ancient petroglyphs at 'Little Black Mountain' left over from an 8,000 year period by the Fremont, Anasazi and Piute Indians.
• Explore the gypsum mine known as 'Glitter Mountain.' You can even gather some of your own crystals as souvenirs!
• Visit the historical remains of Fort Pearce which served to protect the pioneers during the Utah Black Hawk War.
• Explore the Warner Valley dinosaur tracks where you can compare the size of your shoe with a Eubrontes track, possibly made by a T-rex dinosaur.
• Relax and stick your toes in the soft red sands of southern Utah.

Scenic Van Tours

On the two-hour trail ride, climb 1500 feet to breathtaking views overlooking St. George, Pine Valley Mountain, the Zion plateaus, and the Arizona Strip.
The three-hour tour goes into a desolate desert area of Hurricane Sands. As you make your way up the west trail, experience panoramic views that are breathtaking.

• Ride as the sun sets, see the amazing desert colors come alive
• Beginner level riding (we love our first-time riders!)
• Visit amazing red rock formations
• Experience the vast beauty of the Southern Utah desert
• Learn history about the early settlers

UTV Razor Tours

Let us introduce you to UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), also known as Side by side vehicle or Razor. UTV’s are very easy to operate with a fully automatic transmission. Once the UTV is placed in gear, the driver presses the gas pedal and you’re off to an unforgettable memory-making experience. On tour, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours professional, friendly guide will provide a thorough operational orientation on the UTV at the staging area and then lead you through some of the most incredible back-country that southern Utah has to offer, with views that extend for 60 miles in all directions.

Special Tours
For corporate clients, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours offers custom outings for your group as sales incentives, goal achievements, corporate bonding and interaction.

Places You Will See:

Hurricane Sand Dunes
Honeymoon Trail
Dinosaur Tracks

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