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About Us is a travel site. We like to tell people about Utah. We can help you plan the trip you'll be talking about on your deathbed. And we're good at it because...

…we’ve got discriminating taste. Anyone can tell you something awesome about Utah, and a couple of sites will tell you that everything in Utah is awesome. (Never trust a person who claims to like everything.) has seen it all — twice — and we know what’s worth travelers’ time. We know the good from the best, and we’re not afraid to point out the overhyped, overpriced and underwhelming.

…we friggin’ love this place. We were assigned Virginia, but we did our 5th grade state report on Utah anyway. We can name all the state parks from memory. We know the third verse of the state song. And our devotion means we can’t tolerate boring stories about Utah. Or ugly photos. Or a bad user experience. You expect the very best intel as you plan your trip, and we’re proud to deliver. Expert knowledge, expertly presented.

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