5 Reasons Park City is the Ski Town Jackpot

Dec 22, 2015

5. Best of Both Worlds

**Old-Town Charm + Renovated Interiors **

Day-Time Snow Shenanigans + Nighttime Posh

As much as old-timey facades are quite charming, there’s something truly satisfying when you walk through rustic doors into a minimalist, modern and natural room that will make you feel like you make a million sparkly bucks every minute. Park City is a town where balance and harmony reign: outdoor recreation meets classy accommodations, mountain rustic blends with vogueish dining trends, and old west history breeds film and art festivals with pioneering innovations. Don’t be alarmed if you feel as if you’ve walked into some kind of life aberration where you might feel something like blissed-out zen.


Montage - Deer Valley

We recommend:

Double Tree Hotel - The Yarrow

Wyndham - Park City Mountain (Canyons)

Deer Valley - Montage

Grand Summit - Park City Mountain (Canyons)

Main & Sky - Main Street

The best local website to search for lodging and book your stay.

4. Most Humongous Ski Resort in the World

7,300 Acres | 300+ Trails | 41 Lifts | Ski-in/Ski-out Accommodations

What did you expect to happen when you have $50 million just laying around, and you’re a legendary ski company like Vail? Oh, you know, you just make a good thing one-hundred-billion times better in the holy union of two epic Park City resorts: Park City Resort + The Canyons = Park City Mountain. True Love Always. Enjoy more lifts, more runs, more powder, more nirvana, and that posh gondola.

3. Deer Valley (A.K.A. Fancy Pants Luxury) Hoarding #1 Awards

And while we’re throwing money around like it’s fresh powder, have you heard about all the elite #1 awards Deer Valley Resort receives over and over again? Here’s a refresher, just in case you forgot:


  • No. 1 in Access
  • No. 1 in Guest Services
  • No. 1 in Dining
  • No. 1 in On-Mountain Food
  • No. 1 in Lodging

Who says so? Oh, just the millions of readers of SKI Magazine. Proof in the pudding, my friends. And, thus, Deer Valley continues to brilliantly hoard #1 Awards.

2. Fine Cookery, Dining & Bars

High West Distillery & Restaurant

Hangry isn’t possible in Park City--the town’s practically paved in local and regional ingredients via restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars located on Main Street, side streets, and (of course) on the mountain. Yes, this town can get greedy as it takes all the awards for itself, but it’s really quite generous in making sure its guests are well-fed, well-rested, and inspired for years to come.

Our Top Picks:



  • Tupelo - Handcrafted Ingredients - Main Street
  • Handle - Local & Regional - 136 Heber Ave
  • High West Distillery & Restaurant - The world’s only ski-in/ski-out distillery - 703 Park Ave
  • Sushi Blue - Grill & Sake House - 1571 Redstone Drive
  • Billy Blanco's - Motor City Mexican Burger & Taco Garage - 8208 Gorgoza Pines Road
  • Adolph's Bar & Restaurant - 1500 Kearns Blvd

1. Dear Bank Account,

Guess what. (What?) Park City is really quite modest about all its glory. Before you walk away thinking you’ll never be able to afford such luxury, think about this: Park City actually wants people (with friends, family, colleagues) to come and partake of its bounty. This town won’t scare you away with over-priced anything. And it gets even better during holiday weekends (hello, Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend deal spectacular!). Aspen, Tahoe, Whistler? Not so much.

Park City is waiting. For you. And you. And that little one asking you to feed it because it’s feeding time again. Just bring everyone. Jim Gaffigan did--all five kids.

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