Salt Lake City’s 5 Legendary Après Ski Restaurants

Jan 20, 2016
By: Ann Whittaker

If you don’t find stashing a couple of candy bars in your pocket and eating them all alone on a cold lift ride for ski day meals tempting, then you’re so lucky après ski was invented to feed your belly and your ego simultaneously—I mean, you can’t tell the lift chair about your epic powder sesh and get the same response that would erupt from your equally-stoked compadres, right? High-fives for days.

Since Salt Lake City ski resorts hoard the greatest powder on the planet there has to be (mathematically speaking, of course) an equally fantastic après ski environment where feasts, music, and big-air tales run rampant. A healthy ski ecology demands it. And this après ski community has been thriving since 1936 when your grandma was skiing with leather boots and staring down the Great Depression like a double-fisted champ.

Your life on the slopes just isn’t complete without these 5 Salt Lake resort après ski classics:

The Aerie | Snowbird | Little Cottonwood Canyon

Classy is about the only way to describe this restaurant. A glowing fire, live entertainment, and après ski food and beverages that will turn hippies into yuppies (own it) and visitors into locals.

Must order: Pan-Seared Idaho Trout (butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, mushroom hash, preserved lemon aioli).

El Chanate | Snowbird | Little Cottonwood Canyon

What is it about patio dining that increases the “unforgettable factor” exponentially? Don’t be surprised if you meet your new BFF here because you both love Mexican food (a lot, a lot, oh my gosh), and are both suckers for mountain views. Bonus: brunch!

Must order: Pollo & Mole (chicken smothered with their original recipe mole, served with flour tortillas and Mexican rice).

The Yurt | Solitude | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Because you’re just the kind of person who will ski all friggin’ day, and still have the energy to snowshoe to a magical Mongolian Yurt with twinkle lights and some of the finest food you’ll ever savor. Worth it? Absolutely. No question. All of you ambitious types can plan world dominance together while sporting your hand-knit Norwegian sweaters.

Must Order: Well, this is embarrassing. The chef prepares a different 5-course meal every night. So you can’t have what we had, and we won’t have what you had. But it’s going to be one of the best meals you’ll ever eat—thus sayeth the locals.

Silver Fork Lodge | Solitude | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Rustic alpine lodge = old-timey log cabin fit for the masses: families, dude-bros, high-rollers, low-rollers, mountaineers, city slickers, risk-takers, safety-first-ers, eaters, optimists, and, yes, skiers. You’ll just feel warm and fuzzy inside—because the food agrees with your belly and because everyone is just so dang happy to be on a mountain.

Must Order: Burger & Fries (obviously)

Lonestar Taqueria | Base of Big Cottonwood Canyon

We can safely tell you about the local superstar-to-the-max restaurant now because Diners, Drive-ins & Dives already outed our best-kept secret: fish tacos at Lonestar Taqueria. It’s just down the road from the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and, honestly, it’s worth the drive and the line (and the locals who think they’re better than you because they backcountry ski, and they’re wearing their beacons to prove it).

Must Order: Fish Tacos

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