Eastern Utah Wildlife

Deseret Bighorn Sheep

Ouray National Wildlife Refuge is located in the desert of northeastern Utah; it receives less than 7 inches of precipitation annually. The Green River brings water down from the mountains of Wyoming and through the refuge, attracting thousands of waterfowl and other birds to this otherwise dry landscape. Refuge lands total 11,987 acres, including 3,800 acres of leased land from the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation and the State of Utah.

Also in this area, the Pariette Wetlands include a perennial stream and 20 man-made ponds that are managed for waterfowl and wildlife. The wetlands are located SW of the town of Myton.

Eastern Utah's Castle Country presents a mixture of wildlife for viewing enjoyment, and can be found in every size and description. Included are deer, elk, desert bighorn sheep, antelope, moose, beaver, bear, muskrat, coyote, fox, wild turkey, duck, pheasant, chucker, goose, hawk and eagle. There are also the regular variety of common mountain and desert residents such as marmot, chipmunks, cottontail rabbit, jackrabbit, squirrels, and songbirds, as well as others which are too numerous to mention.

Other Wildife Viewing Areas

The Energy Loop: Huntington & Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byways is a road for all seasons where you can catch site of a variety of wild inhabitants. If you watch closely, you might glimpse a few deer and even bear. There are an abundance of songbirds in the canyons and you can always see hawks and eagles soaring overhead.

San Rafael Swell supports herds of antelope which are delightful to watch as they effortlessly race across the desert flats. The road to the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry presents choice deer, elk, and antelope viewing. Raptors can be seen in flight between the Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area and the Dinosaur Quarry.

Mule Deer 9 Mile Canyon is a desert mountain paradise for mule deer. There are an abundant variety of songbirds in the area as well. If you are lucky, you might even see a red tail fox, and beaver down by the canyon stream, and hear the howl of coyote in the late summer evenings.

The area southwest of Price, near Pinnacle Peak, is a great place to view elk. Eagle and hawk are also seen soaring in the overhead air currents.

Castle Country is known for its abundance of wildlife and birds of all kinds. Information on choice locations for hunting game animals in Eastern Utah can be secured from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources 435-636-0260.

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