Tribal Gatherings

Opportunities to experience the rhythms, sights, and sounds of Utah's Tribal Cultures are simply unforgettable. Listed here are some events where visitors are welcome. Dates may be tentative. Be sure to inquire locally about these, and other events which may occur during your visit to a specific area of the state.

Northern Utah

Heber City
Heber Valley Pow Wow,early June.

Utah International Veterans Day Pow Wow, November.

Salt Lake City
Native American Festival at the Park, Liberty Park, July 24th.

Tooele County
Goshute Tribe sponsored Pow Wow, early June.

Eastern Utah

Fort Duchesne
Annual Northern Ute PowWow, early July.

Ute Thanksgiving Pow Wow, late November.

Southwestern Utah

Cedar City
Thunderbird Contest Pow Wow, late April.

Paiute Restoration Gathering and Pow Wow, early June.

Southeastern Utah

Vicinity of Blanding
White Mesa Ute Bear Dance, early September.

Northern Navajo Fair, mid-September.

Vicinity of Monticello
Native American Arts Festival, May.

Experiencing a Pow Wow or competition will be more enjoyable if you remember a few simple things:

  • Bring your camera, but please be thoughtful. If you want to take a photograph of an individual, you need to ask permission. Sometimes, payment is appropriate. Do not take photographs if you've been asked not to.
  • No matter how beautiful or tempting, please don't touch any costumes. Ornaments may have special meanings, and costumes may be heirlooms, or very delicate.
  • Often Pow Wows offer opportunities to purchase jewelry, art, baskets,pottery, rugs, etc.. Bring spending money if you are interested in these items.
  • Finally, you are the guest of a Tribal Culture. If you have questions, ask them, but save detailed questions for after celebrations are over, or research them on your own.

For more information on modern Utah Tribes and eventscontact Utah State Division of Indian Affairs, (801) 538-8803.

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