Navajo Cultural Events

Basket Dance Navajo Song and Dance
Scarcely anything depicts the American Indian more eloquently than his love for dancing. The traditional song and dance and inter-tribal pow wows are only some of the many aspects in which the Navajo Nation continues its cultural tradition. Most social events held in Navajoland are held mainly for pleasure and outsiders are welcome to attend.

The traditional song and dance (a ceremony called the Enemyway Ceremony) is an increasingly popular event. One of the reasons an Enemyway Ceremony is conducted is to help cure an individual who has become ill after going to war. The ceremonial dancing is performed to relieve tension in the patient.

Pow Wow Fancy Dance Today, the cultural aspects of the ceremony live on through song and dance contests or festivals. Participants dress in their finest traditional Navajo attire and recreate the traditional dances of their forefathers.

Pows Wows
Although pow wows did not originate with the Navajo people, the Navajo Nation hosts one of the largest intertribal pow wows in North America. View a list of Utah's tribal gatherings.

Most modern-day pow wows are held for pleasure, but certain aspects of the pow wow are sacred and in some cases photographs and tape recorders are forbidden.

Information courtesy of Navajo Tourism, 928-871-6436.

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