Utah Trails
Little Wildhorse/Bell Canyon Loop
Length: 8 miles round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: Both these canyons are slots with beautiful sculpted walls. They are extremely fun to hike. This is not a technical route - there is some scrambling involved but the hike is suitable for virtually anyone in average physical condition. It makes a great introduction to the sport of canyoneering.

The hike is located in the San Rafael Swell, west of Goblin Valley. The access road is maintained and you can get to the trailhead in a family car. A very nice campground is located nearby, at Goblin Valley State Park.

To reach the trailhead, drive Hwy 95 south toward Hanksville and then turn west onto the Goblin Valley Road. Swing south as you approach Temple Mountain. Just before entering Goblin Valley State Park, turn west onto the dirt road and follow it to the signed trailhead. Vault toilets are available at the trailhead.

Canyon Junction
From the trailhead, just walk up the sandy wash until you come to a major fork. Looking up canyon, Bell is on the left and Little Wildhorse is on the right. You can hike the loop in either direction. Most people think Little Wildhorse is the most spectacular, so if you don't want to complete the entire loop then hike up it and return the way you came in.

Top of Little Wild Horse
Near the end of the narrows in Little Wildhorse, you'll encounter a small dryfall (about 6 feet high) that you must climb to continue the route. Many hikers can get up it by themselves, others will need a boost. After that the canyon opens up. To complete the loop you hike cross-country to the top of Bell Canyon. Follow the signed trail to the west. You'll soon encounter a 4X4 road. Follow it until you descend into Bell Canyon.

Top of Bell Canyon
After dropping down into Bell, just hike down canyon to the canyon junction, then continue down to the trailhead.