Scofield / Skyline Drive Snowmobile Complex

Snowmobile Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive stretches along the summit of the Wasatch Plateau and offers excellent snowmobiling opportunities November through April. Breathtaking panoramic views can be found as riders approach elevations near 10,000 feet. The information below describes the Scofield area and the northern part of Skyline Drive. Also see our Skyline Drive South information.

The Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation, in cooperation with the Manti-LaSal National Forest, grooms more than 120 miles of trail. This central Utah complex is located away from major population centers. Its varied terrain makes it the perfect retreat, whether you want to follow a groomed trail or glide through open fields of fresh powder.

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Local conditions and grooming
Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation
  • 1-800-OHV-RIDE (1-800-648-7433)
  • 801-538-7433 (Salt Lake City area)
Utah Department of Transportation
Road Conditions Manti-LaSal National Forest
Price Ranger District
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Ferron Ranger District
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Sanpete Ranger District
  • 435-283-4151

Below are some specific items of interest about the trails included in the Scofield/Skyline Drive Complex. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides and travel maps of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

Strawberry Trail (H)
The Strawberry Trail begins at Solder Summit at an elevation of approximately 7,400 feet. Proceeding north along the left fork of the White River, the trail climbs rapidly through the pinyon-juniper forest into the spruce and quaking aspens. The trail is relative easy riding, with the possible exception of the flat areas near the top of the mountain. Winds in this area can create whiteout conditions and drifts which may make the trail more difficult to pass. From the top of the mountain, riders are rewarded with a spectacular view of Spanish Fork Canyon. At the Willow Creek warming hut, this trail joins with the trails of the Strawberry Snowmobile Complex.

North Skyline-Tucker Trail (B)
The trailhead at Tucker is at low elevation and often lacks sufficient snow for riding until mid winter. This trail rises rapidly from the oak and juniper of the foothills into the tall spruce and aspen of the mountains. Several miles into the trail, the trees provide sufficient shade to help maintain a reasonable snow depth throughout the season. The trail is easy riding and very popular. Due to extensive use and weather conditions, it may become bumpy at times. Expansive play areas are found at the top of the trail. The high elevation and excellent snow conditions on the upper parts of the Skyline trail provide great snowmobiling and tremendous views. Easily, one of the most popular trails in the area.

Starvation Creek (C)
The trailhead at Tucker is at low elevation and often lacks sufficient snow for riding until mid-winter. The trail rises gradually along an old railroad grade through the oaks and pinyon-juniper forest. This area often has herds of wintering deer and elk that can be observed from the trail. The trail is easy riding for most snowmobilers and presents few surprises. This trail crosses between public and private property on an alternating basis. Riders are encouraged to watch for no trespassing signs, which indicate areas of private ownership where snowmobiling is not allowed.


Pondtown (D)
The Pondtown Trail connects the Starvation Creek Trail and the North Skyline/Tucker Trail, giving access to Skyline Drive from Scofield Reservoir. The trail climbs gradually for several miles as it follows Little Bear Creek. As the trail leaves the creek bottom it makes a steep climb out of the canyon onto Fish Creek Ridge to the Skyline Trail. Snowmobilers should not leave the Pondtown Trail as motorized vehicles are not allowed in the areas to the north and south of the trail.

Also see our Skyline Drive South information.

Scofield/Skyline Drive Map Key
H. Strawberry/Willow Creek 14 Miles
B. North Skyline/Tucker 27.9 Miles
C. Starvation Creek 12.9 Miles
D. Pondtown 10 Miles
E. Little Creek 1.5 Miles

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