Ski Canyons Resort

Utah's single largest resort caters to folks who really love to ski and can appreciate how well our diverse terrain holds and protects an average annual 355 inch bounty of snow. Whether you visit as a family, a group or a single, you'll find endless terrain for every style and ability.

Canyons Resort

If there has been recent snow, head into The Pines located off the north side of Saddleback Express or hit anything on the north side of Ninety-Nine 90. If you head over to the DreamScape and DreamCatcher areas first thing in the morning you will find the quietest section of the resort and a massive amount of tree skiing plus wide open runs, you will likely be the first one on a groomed run or if it has snowed, guaranteed fresh tracks. Feeling adventurous? Head into the Condor woods and chose your line among the pine trees, the run ends in Canis Lupus, a quarter mile long natural halfpipe that we hold a timed race on every spring during Spring Gr�v. Make sure to check-out the latest addition to the resort� Iron Mountain with over 300 more acres of amazing terrain featuring a new high-speed quad and a dozen new trails. Canyons Resort

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