Ouch! That ... Oooh, That Feels Good

The Utah College of Massage Therapy

My back was so crimped up I could hardly stand straight.

Chalk it up to hours at a desk, yelling at people on the phone ( I am also a newspaper reporter) and hours more on a road bike each afternoon, and then hours more slumped in my sofa, which is a sort of deep-cushion leather. Under such circumstances, backaches seem imminent.

Enter: Connie.

Connie, a student at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, right here in downtown Salt Lake City, gently asked what it was that was bothering me, then checked in with one of her instructors. A few minutes later, clean sheets and towels in hand, she led me into a large classroom cordoned off by curtains. In the makeshift rooms, other students rubbed, hacked and pinched their subjects into a massage-induced frenzy.

Here is a suggestion: next time you make friends, try to do so with a student at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, or any massage therapy school, for that matter. That is because massage students have to spend horrible hours massage would-be clients. Tough, I know, but it's the only way to learn. Then each Saturday and Sunday, they show off what they've learned to the public, who flock to the school for its $25 one-hour massages.

The school focuses on massage therapy and other bodywork such as shiatsu and accupressure. On your one-hour, first-come first-served massage expect a good rubbing down by a beginner eager to learn and get feedback. The school's vision states: 'Our Family of School vision is: through massage therapy, to reduce the pain and suffering of human beings, promote wellness and heal the planet one body at a time.' Technically, yes, they are amateurs. But Connie knew well enough what she was doing. The knots in my back? Gone by lunch.

For more information, head to www.ucmt.com. The school is at 25 S. 300 East in Salt Lake City. Call (801) 521-3330 for more information.

Dear Readers:

Last week, in a story about the Utah Arts Festival, I mentioned that myself and a group of friends went to take in the festivities and see Laura Love, a great singer. One of those friends, I said, was named 'Michelle.' I have no idea why I said that was her name, because I know perfectly well that the woman I was talking about is named Melissa. Apologies to all.

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