San Rafael Area Restaurants

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Green River Restaurants
West WindsmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Frank's Pizza BarmoreGreen RiverItalian $
Green River Coffee CompanymoreGreen RiverOther $
Arby's - Green RivermoreGreen RiverAmerican $
La VeracruzanamoreGreen RiverMexican $
The Chow HoundmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
The TamariscmoreGreen RiverAmerican
Subway (Inside Green River Chevron)moreGreen RiverAmerican $
The Fairway ClubmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Burger King - Green RivermoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Cathy's Pizza & DelimoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Tamarisk RestaurantmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Ray's TavernmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Ben's CafemoreGreen RiverAmerican $
BlimpiesmoreGreen RiverAmerican $
Desert Flavors CafemoreGreen RiverAmerican $
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Huntington Restaurants
Subway - HuntingtonmoreHuntingtonAmerican $
Cindy's CafemoreHuntingtonAmerican $
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Castle Dale Restaurants
Lotsa Motsa Pizza -San RafaelmoreCastle DaleItalian $
Big Mama's Pizza & DelimoreCastle DaleAmerican $
SubwaymoreCastle DaleAmerican $
R Pizza PlacemoreCastle DaleAmerican $
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Orangeville Restaurants
Joe's Valley Marina RestaurantmoreOrangevilleAmerican $
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Ferron Restaurants
The Grub Box Drive InnmoreFerronAmerican $
Millsite RestaurantmoreFerronAmerican $
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