San Rafael Swell Hiking Trails

The San Rafael Swell and other areas here offer some of Utah's best hiking trails, yet the area is not overrun by enthusiasts. Trails range from mild kid-friendly to intense mega-adventures. There's something here for everyone.

Black Dragon Canyon Rock Art Easy
The key attraction here is a fascinating panel or ancient Native American rock art, with a surprising figure that looks like a dragon. Another figure...(more)

Chute of Muddy Creek Strenuous
The Chute of Muddy Creek is a one of the most popular hikes in the San Rafael Swell. It is a canyon/river hike, somewhat similar to the famous Narrows...(more)

Crack Canyon Moderate
Crack Canyon is a narrow slot running through the San Rafael Reef, in the San Rafael Swell near Temple Mountain. It is similar to Little Wildhorse Can...(more)

Devils Canyon Strenuous
Devils Canyon is a beautiful slot in a remote section of the San Rafael Swell. Access is relatively easy. The area is popular with ATV riders but few...(more)

Goblin Valley Easy
Goblin Valley is a very popular Utah state park offering exceptional opportunity for people of all ages to hike, climb and play. The valley is filled...(more)

Little Wildhorse/Bell Canyon Loop Moderate
Both these canyons are slots with beautiful sculpted walls. They are extremely fun to hike. This is not a technical route - there is some scrambling i...(more)

Petroglyph Canyon and Spirit Arch Moderate
There is a small but impressive panel of ancient Native American rock art in Petroglyph Canyon, plus other faded rock art images. In nearby Arch Canyo...(more)

San Rafael Knob Strenuous
The San Rafael Knob is the highest point in the San Rafael Swell. From the top you have amazing views out over some of the most ruggedly beautiful par...(more)

Wild Horse Window Moderate
Wildhorse Window is a large natural bridge associated with a cave in the San Rafael Reef, just south of Temple Mountain. The bridge is massive and dif...(more)

Easy Easy Moderate Moderate Strenuous Strenuous

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