White Water Rafting in Utah

River rafting in Utah is about more than whitewater and excitement. Most trips allow participants to explore scenic, historic and archaeological sites and to learn about river lore, geology and the environment. Swim in a crystal clear waterfall, explore 1000 year old Anasazi ruins, or hike to scenic viewpoints overlooking Utah's classic canyon landscape. Most of all, river rafting is about having fun and breaking free from the pressures of modern life. You may never want to return home. Read more...

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The Green and Colorado Rivers cut across Utah providing all levels of rafting excitement with rapids from Class I to Class V. Relax, enjoy the scenery and stage water fights on easy, flatwater sections like Fisher Towers or Labyrinth Canyon. Feel the excitement of riding the unique "sand waves" on the San Juan River. Challenge the powerful whitewater in Westwater, Lodore and other famous canyons. Hang on for dear life in Grand and Cataract canyons, over infamous drops like Satan's Gut, Little Niagara and Lava Falls.

Professional guides will provide proper equipment and make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable. On multi-day trips, participants camp on the river's edge, usually on sandy beaches in scenic areas. Some guides are accomplished chefs and provide exquisite meals.

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