Sea Kayaking

In the rhythm of the water and the land, sea kayaking offers a new way to explore the open waters of the Lake Powell destination. With dozens of narrow canyons, spectacular alcoves and ancient Anasazi ruins, sea kayaking offers unforgettable memories of the Lake Powell area.

Sea kayaking showcases Lake Powell's spectacular scenery and deep, clear water, like no other water adventure can. Kayakers may explore amazing sites such as Rainbow Bridge and the Canyons of the Escalante with complete silence, solitude, and intrigue - the only sound to break the silence is the soft splashes of paddles.

Other often-explored sites along kayaking routes include the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail, a historic reminder of the Mormon pioneer heritage, and the exquisite desert canyons which surround the Escalante River.

Lake Powell The increasing popularity of sea kayaking, has permitted the unique twisted gorges, sheer canyon walls, cool amphitheaters and hanging gardens of Lake Powell to become more accessible. Many of the side canyons with resounding amphitheaters, sandy streambeds and delicate waterfalls, are often left unexplored, but allowed new depth with sea kayaking.

As one of the nation's most popular national recreation areas, Lake Powell will be personalized with any sea kayaking experience. With a soft splash of the paddle, let the adventure begin!

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