Scenic Jet Boat

Canyonlands by Day Scenic Jet Boat For those of you wanting to experience Utah's famous redrock scenery without having to paddle a canoe or spend three days on the river, a number of Utah's guides offer scenic jet boat tours. "Scenic" is the operative word. The majestic Colorado River serves as an impressive backdrop for your trip. Besides the redrock, wildlife is abundant. Keep your eyes peeled for raptors, deer, song birds, and perhaps even bighorn sheep.

While traveling by jet boat you will have a chance to interact with your surroundings. As you explore the Colorado River, there are stops along the way for you to get out and look around. You are free to take short walks, or sit quietly in the boat and enjoy the scenery. Canyonlands by Night Scenic Jet BoatYour stop may include a small forest of petrified wood, Native American ruins, or Dead Horse Point.

"Scenic" is not the only word used to describe a daily or half-day jet boat trip. "Comfort" is another noticeable plus to this mode of travel. Jet boats generally travel at about 20 mph on flat water. You don't need to wear a life jacket and your belongings won't get wet. Some jet boats even have a canopy and windshield. Jet boat trips allow you to experience all the beauty of the Colorado River without all the fuss.

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