Lower Grand Canyon

Put-in: Phantom Ranch
Take-Out: Whitmore Wash
Trip Length: 6-9 days
Mileage: 100 Miles
Class: Class IV and V

The lower Grand Canyon is a multi-day whitewater trip. It includes Crystal Falls and Lava Falls, two of the most intense rapids than can be run safely on commercial trips. This is the real deal - whitewater rafting at its best.

One-day trips are not available on the Lower Grand Canyon.

Multi-day Trips | grand canyon guides |
Swimming in the Colorado River on the Lower Grand Canyon stretchTrips through the Lower Grand Canyon typically range in length from 6 to 9 days. Most start at Phantom Ranch, which requires participants to hike into the canyon, and end at Whitmore Wash. Some continue down to Lake Mead. Upper Grand Canyon trips can be combined with lower canyon trips, producing the ultimate whitewater adventure.

Intense whitewater is the main draw but Grand Canyon river trips are attractive for many other reasons. The deep canyon, cut into the earth's hard-rock skull, is incredibly beautiful. The rapids churn with thunderous power, yet the canyon is serene. This is a place where you can touch nature. Wildlife, waterfalls and brilliant night skies are just some of the surprises waiting in this pristine area. Lower Grand Canyon trips may include hikes to waterfalls, Native American sites and other attractions.

Rafter's shadowed by the towering cliff's of the Lower Grand Canyon Trips that end at Whitmore Wash normally include a helicopter ride out of the canyon and a small plane ride back to your starting point. Inquire about options, requirements and cost. Additional expenses may include camping equipment. Meals and snacks are generally included as a part of the trip cost.

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Regulations concerning children vary among providers on Lower Grand Canyon trips. In general, this trip is not appropriate for children under age 12, and young teenagers need to go with an adult.

Groups/Corporate Trips | grand canyon guides |
Group discounts are available for Lower Grand Canyon trips but space is limited. Reserve as far in advance as possible. Longer trips may not suit groups as well as some of the shorter options.

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