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University of Utah - Olympic VillageOlympic Village

Student housing at the University of Utah was selected to house the Olympic and Paralympic athletes during the Games. This housing complex was referred to as "Olympic Village."

SLOC's contract with the University of Utah for the Olympic Village site was finalized in June 1998. Olympic Village housing consisted of approximately 20 modern low-rise apartment and suite-style units. Also a part of the village, was "team space" consisting of a telefax, television, and telephone. An Olympic chef was also onsite.

The Olympic Village had a Games capacity of 3,500 residents, with operational dates from January 9, 2002 through March 27, 2002. A minimum bedroom size of 12 square meters and a bathroom ratio that allowed sinks, two showers, and two toilets was provided for every eight residents.


University of Utah


Base: 1500 m/4700 ft

Agreement Of Use

Contracted completed June 1998
Exclusive use dates: 25 November 2001-15 April 2002
(including Paralympic Village)

Post Olympic Use

Housing for university students.

Planned Capacity


Venue History

Olympic Village housing included approximately 20 modern, low-rise apartment and suite-style units built for student housing at the University of Utah. Construction was completed by late 2000.

The Olympic Village International Zone, located in the Fort Douglas Officer's Circle, included village services, and recreation, and retail areas. The University of Utah was centerpiece of the International Zone.

For additional suggestions on enjoying these sites year-round, contact the Utah Athletic Foundation.

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