Hell Roaring Rim Trail

The four-wheeling part of the trail is on Mineral Point, part of the mesa country between the long, deep gashes of Mineral and Hellroaring Canyons. These side canyons drain into Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River. The headwaters of these and many other canyons around here are shallow, normally dry drainages that suddenly plunge over rimrock into deep canyons. There are just over 20 miles of paved road to the trail start near the Dubinky Well Road. This is a pleasant, scenic family trail, but inexperienced drivers will have a chance to be amazed at what their vehicles will do. Approximate mileage: 80 total, 37 off highway.

Hell Roaring Rim Difficulty Rating: 3 (old 3)

Scenery: There are glimpses of Hellroaring Canyon along the way, but the final overlook near its confluence with the Green River in Labyrinth Canyon is exceptional. Hellroaring Window is viewed from the upper part of the canyon rim. A ridge top provides a view 50 miles or more in all directions.

Road Surface: Most of this trail, like many other local trails, was scratched into the formation called Kayenta. It provides a variety of shale and sandstone that erode into rocky ledges, broken rock, and sandy dirt.

Obstacles: Several ledgy, sandy, and switchbacked hills provide interesting four-wheeling. One sand hill can be difficult when dry, but it can be bypassed.

Information courtesy of Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc

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