Ashley National Forest

Mirror, Ashley NF The Ashley National Forest falls into three geographical areas--the east-west range of the Uinta Mountains; the Wyoming Basin; and the Tavaputs Plateau. Abundant wildlife including bear, mountain lion, moose, elk, muledeer, antelope, and the recently introduced Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep roam freely throughout the land.

The High Uintas Wilderness contains Utah's highest peak, Kings Peak 13,528 feet, and lies on the Ashley and Wasatch-Cache National Forests boundaries. The Uintas defy the trend of most mountain ranges in North America by running due east from the Wasatch Mountains into Colorado.

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Ashley NF

The 'crown jewel' of the Ashley National Forest is Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. The 91-mile lake created by Flaming Gorge Dam provides vivid blue contrast to the surrounding red rock cliffs dotted with green pines and aspen. Famous for trophy trout fishing, its recreation possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Comfortable accommodations make Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area a vacation paradise. The Ashley National Forest also provides outstanding backpacking in the pristine High Uintas Wilderness, and camping in either improved sites or back country areas throughout the forest.

(Eastern Utah), 1,300,000 acres, main office, 355 N. Vernal Ave., Vernal 84078, (435-789-1181).

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