Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon is the main destination for most visitors to Zion National Park. Private vehicles are not allowed to drive into Zion Canyon during the busy season. A convenient shuttle bus loops through the canyon, stopping at all popular attractions.

Zion Canyon Main Attractions

Zion Canyon Visitor Center- Begin your Zion Canyon experience here. Get maps and permits for exploring the canyon. Rangers are here to assist you and answer questions. Two main campgrounds are here along with restaurants, gift shops and other attractions. The Watchman trailhead is located here. The Watchman towers, stand some 2500ft/1995m above the canyon floor keeping watch over and protecting the canyon.

Zion Museum- Stop at the Zion Museum where you can learn of the creation of Zion Canyon. Millions of years of erosion left these magnificant Navajo sandstone towers and cliffs. Zion Canyon is one of the steps in the Grand Staircase that begins at the Grand Canyon and ends at Bryce Canyon.

Court of the Patriarchs- A short hike takes you to the base of three sandstone monoliths named after the ancient old testament patriarchs: Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. You can access the Sand Bench Trail which takes you along the Virgin River to Zion Lodge.

Zion Lodge- Emerald Pools Trailhead- Stay at Zion Lodge which is right in the heart of Zion Canyon. Food services and gift shops are also available. The trailhead to the three Emerald Pools begins here. See the reflection of surrounding cliffs as you look across these crystal clear pools.

Zion- Great White Throne

The Grotto- Angels Landing & West Rim Trailhead- One of the most spectacular hikes in Zion begins here. The hike up Angels Landing is an experience that stops some who have a fear of heights. 2000 foot shear cliffs drop off both sides of the narrow trail as you approach the top. The view of the canyon from the top is well worth it!

Weeping Rock- Observation Point Trailhead- Water permeates down through the porous Navajo sandstone monoliths until it reaches impervious layers that cause the water to run horizontal until it seeps through the face of cliffs as is the case at Weeping Rock.

Big Bend- The Organ- At Big Bend you stand at the base of the 2000ft/6010m shear cliff on the north side of Angels Landing. The 1100ft "Organ" Monolith also stands here at the edge of the Virgin River.

Temple of Sinawava- Riverside Walk- The end of the canyon road, but the beginning of the Riverside trail that winds along the banks of the Virgin River ending at "The Narrows."

The Narrows- A 16 mile one way hike through the narrow canyons of the Virgin River surrounded with towering steep cliffs over 1,000 feet high. You can go up The Narrows as far as you wish from the Riverside trail.

Many well known photos of Zion Park were taken within Zion Canyon. They include the Great White Throne, the Patriarchs, and scenes along the Virgin River.

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