Hiking To Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock in Zion Park
This is one of the more popular trails in Zion Canyon. The hike is short and easy, and the scenery is spectacular, with views of the Great White Throne and parts of Zion Canyon. This hike is appropriate for all ages and is especially well suited for groups that include young children and/or elderly people.

Weeping Rock is an alcove cut by water into the cliff. Water seeps from the cliff and falls like tears, forming a curtain across the front of the alcove. Hanging gardens of delicate plants cling to the cliff face. The trail leads into the alcove, behind the curtain of water, where it is cool even on the hottest summer day.

Location: Zion Canyon
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.4 miles (round trip), 20 minutes
Elevation change: About 100 feet

Weather: This is a great year-round hike. However, entrance into the alcove may be prohibited during the coldest days of winter because large icicles form and may fall from the cliff. During spring runoff an impressive waterfall comes off an adjacent cliff.

Other Factors: Vault toilets are available at the trailhead. Drinking water is not available so carry some with you.

Route Description: The trail starts at the Weeping Rock Trailhead, which is a shuttle stop along the main Zion Canyon loop. It is located between The Grotto and Temple of Sinawava. The trail is paved and provides and easy, short stroll in a very scenic area. A short section of stone steps lead from the trail into the Weeping Rock alcove. The trail and steps are considered too steep for wheelchairs.

The trail is clearly marked, and also offers interpretive signposts giving information about plant life and other features.

The Weeping Rock Trailhead also serves the Hidden Canyon, Observation Point and East Rim trails.

For more information contact Zion National Park, PO Box 1099, Springdale 84767, 435-772-3256.

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