Springdale, gateway to Zion Park

The community of Springdale serves as the gateway to Zion National Park. It offers a full compliment of motels, bed-and-breakfast inns, restaurants, campgrounds and RV parks, stores, shops and art galleries.

Springdale, UT

The town nestles in a picturesque setting - many of Zion Park's classic features can be seen from motel balconies and outdoor dining rooms.

Springdale is a multi-faceted destination. In addition to the park, the community and surrounding area offer a wide assortment of recreational and cultural activities including horseback trail rides, live theatre, photography workshops, tennis courts, natural history presentations, pottery making classes, bookstores, art galleries and much more.

Springdale has become a haven for artists - many live here year-round and offer galleries where you can view and purchase their works. Local artists working many styles and mediums; many emphasize Native American arts and crafts and landscape painting/photography.

The small community offers a surprising number of quality restaurants serving many kinds of foods and beverages. Shops also sell locally grown organic produce.

Springdale has year-round appeal. Winters are mild and the sun shines most days. It is a great place to stay and play.

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