Yellowstone Wildlife

Yellowstone Park is one of the worlds great places to observe and photograph wild animals. The diversity of wildlife in the park is astounding, and the sheer number of animals is also very impressive. It is an area where animals can live and run free, in a natural environment, managed to preserve wildness and natural conditions.

Elk at Yellowstone

Much is said about the danger posed by bears and bison. These animals are large and easy to see, especially when they are encountered along roadways. They sometimes appear to be relatively tame and not threatening, but that is an illusion. Both animals are fast, powerful and unpredictable.

Small animals may also appear to be friendly and not threatening. That is also an illusion. Even chipmunks and bunny rabbits can cause painful injuries. They are wild and they will kick, scratch, claw and bite if you attempt to touch them.


Below are some basic rules to help you stay safe around wildlife:

  1. Never approach animals in the wild (use telephoto lenses for closeup photos)
  2. Never feed animals
  3. Pay attention not to walk between a mother animal and her babies
  4. If you camp, learn safe camping techniques
  5. If you hike in the backcountry, learn safety techniques
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