Yellowstone Biking

Bicycle travel is a popular way to see Yellowstone attractions. Bikes are permitted on established public roads, parking areas, and other designated routes. There are no bicycle paths along roadways. Bicycles are prohibited on backcountry trails and boardwalks.

Park roads are narrow and winding; most do not have a shoulder or shoulders are covered by gravel. During April, May, and June, high snowbanks make travel more dangerous. Road elevations range from 5300 to 8,860 feet. Bikers must travel relatively long distances between services and facilities (typically 20 to 30 miles).

Bikes can be rented from Xanterra Parks and Resorts at their facilities at Old Faithful in the park. When you ride, remember that bikes are subject to the same traffic rules as automobiles.

A limited number of campsites are reserved for hikers and bicyclists at all park campgrounds, with the exception of Slough Creek.

Backcountry bike trails can be found in some mountain areas outside of Yellowstone National Park.

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