Great Basin Winter Sports

During winter, people continue to visit Lehman Caves but the remainder of the park is virtually deserted. The park provides great opportunity to find solitude while cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

Snowmobiles are not allowed in the park, but may be used in some adjacent areas.

Roads and trails in the park are not groomed for winter use. There is no flat terrain within the park. Trails include a mixture of gentle and challenging slopes. Check at the visitor center for information about trails that are appropriate for your skill level.

Wheeler Peak receives heavy snowfall and is subject to harsh winter weather. If you venture into the backcountry, you need to be prepared with proper equipment and skills. Trails are not patrolled regularly during winter. You are responsible for your own safety and survival.

Winter can be a great time to view wildlife. Mule deer engage in season migrations up and down the mountain and can often be seen on winter ranges. Use telephoto lenses to photograph animals. Do not try to approach or haze animals.

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