Great Basin Auto Touring

Some of the majesty of Wheeler Peak can be seen by driving paved and unpaved roads in the park. The diversity of scenery is impressive along these roads, which lead from dry Great Basin desert up the forested mountain slopes, passed cascading streams and lush meadows.

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
The Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive extends for 12 miles. It is paved but steep and winding. The average grade is 8%. The road is kept open year-round to Upper Lehman Creek Campground. Beyond the campground it is generally open from June through October, depending on the weather. Large vehicles (in excess of 24 feet in length) are not permitted on the road beyond the upper campground.

Baker Creek Road
This is a maintained gravel road and is generally open May through November; weather depending.

Remote Park Roads
Strawberry, Snake and Lexington Arch roads are open year-round, but can be muddy or snowy in the winter and spring. High clearance vehicles are recommended for these rough, dirt routes.

Driving Conditions
These are narrow, winding roads that require slow speeds. It is important to obey all posted speed limits. Stop only in pullouts where you can position your vehicle completely out of the travel lane. Long downhill stretches can cause brakes to overheat. Stay alert because wild animals frequently cross these roads.

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