Grand Teton Lakes

Jackson Lake

The lakes in Grand Teton National Park are every bit as spectacular as the mountains. Jackson and Jenny lakes are famous and are often the subjects of serious photographers. Images of the lakes appear on many calendars and the pages of coffee table books.

But Jackson and Jenny are not the only lakes in the park. There are many others, some accessible by road and some located in remote backcountry. All are photogenic and provide great opportunity for recreation. The lakes also attract wildlife � they are great spots to view and photograph many of the park's majestic wild animals.

Jenny Lake - Grand Teton National Park

Motorboats are permitted on Jenny (10 horsepower maximum) and Jackson lakes. Human-powered vessels are permitted on Jackson, Jenny, Phelps, Emma Matilda, Two Ocean, Taggart, Bradley, Bearpaw, Leigh and String lakes. Sailboats, water skiing and windsurfers are allowed only on Jackson Lake. For motorized craft, the fee is $20 for a 7-day permit and $40 for an annual permit; for non-motorized craft, the fee is $10 for a 7-day permit and $20 for an annual permit.

Permits may be purchased at the Craig Thomas Discovery, Jenny Lake or Colter Bay visitor centers. Jet skis are prohibited on all waters within the park.

Exploring parts of Grand Teton National Park by boat is an excellent way to experience the majesty of this beautiful park. Many people bring their own boats. Others rent boats or go with commercial tour groups.

Boat tours and rafting trips within the park are offered by professional guides on Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake and the Snake River. Other boat trips venture into areas outside of the park. Guides can safely get you into great spots for adventures and photography.

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