Grand Teton Area River Trips

The Snake River in the Grand Teton area is popular for rafting trips. Only human-powered rafts, canoes, dories and kayaks are allowed on the river within the park and parkway. Registration ($10 for a 7-day permit; $20 for an annual permit) of non-motorized vessels is required and may be completed at the Craig Thomas Discovery, Jenny Lake or Colter Bay visitor centers. Read the launch site bulletin boards for current river conditions.

On the surface, the Snake River may not seem very powerful or dangerous in this area but it is a swift, cold river with many braided channels and debris jams. The beauty and lack of whitewater often lulls floaters into inattentiveness, causing accidents. Every private boat should include at least one experienced rafter. Use caution whenever you float. Even boaters who frequently floating the Snake should check conditions before every trip, as the river can change overnight. The river flow varies greatly throughout the summer. Water depth averages two to three feet, although there are depths in excess of 10 feet in some locations. Boulders and bottom irregularities can cause standing waves up to three feet high.

Guided float trips and equipment rentals are offered by area businesses.

For information on Snake River flows, call 1-800-658-5771. For floating regulations and river information, stop by a visitor center and request a floating bulletin.

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