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Toroweep is a great winter destination. We visited in January, and blogged about it.

Toroweap (also called Tuweep) is remote lookout point in the Grand Canyon backcountry. The view is dramatic because the cliff is nearly vertical, dropping almost straight down some 3,000 feet to the Colorado River. The viewpoint offers a dramatic view of the middle part of the Grand Canyon.

Three dirt roads provide access to the area; they are graded occasionally and suitable for high clearance vehicles. The roads are generally good up to the national park boundary. From the boundary to the viewpoint the road is very rough and rocky.

The viewpoint is usually accessible year-round but roads may be closed at times by winter storms. There is a scenic, undeveloped camping area near the viewpoint. Water is not available and there is no camping fee. There are pit toilets. No other services are available at the lookout, or in the surrounding area.

Incredible views make the trip to Toroweap worthwhile. Just remember, you are on your own here - there are no visitor services.


From Toroweap, trails extend along the rim and down into the canyon. The Lava Falls Trail to the river is rough, steep and exposed to the sun. The west Tuckup Trailhead is located here. The Tuckup Trail runs for some 60 miles and provides the opportunity for long backpacks. Hiking here is best during spring and fall. Summer temperatures can be very hot.

The Sunshine Route (BLM Road #109), is the easiest route to Toroweap. It leaves Hwy 389 about seven miles west of Fredonia and it is 61 miles from the highway to the viewpoint. It is clearly signed. The Clayhole Route (BLM Road #5) leaves Hwy 389 at Colorado City. It is also about 60 miles long. The Main Street Route (BLM roads #1069 and #5) out of St. George is about 90 miles long and is the most scenic. It is often impassable in winter because of snow on Mt. Trumbull.

It takes 2-3 hours to drive from the highway to the overlook.

For a Guided Tour to Toroweap, Click Here

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