Neighboring National Parks

Grand Canyon National Park
The forested north rim viewpoints of the Grand Canyon are about two hours south of the southwestern Utah town of Kanab. Besides being a different perspective for viewing the famous canyon, the North Rim offers a more intimate and private opportunity to experience the awesome spectacle of the Colorado River's stunning forces of erosion. Open from mid-May-Oct. until roads are closed by snow. For more information contact Grand Canyon National Park, PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023 (520)638-7888.

Great Basin National Park
Great Basin is located just across the Utah/ Nevada border, straight west of Delta, Utah. Its majestic 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak is the site of one of the oldest bristle cone pine forests in the world. Another popular aspect of this mountainous park is Lehman Cave, a large cavern with several "rooms" filled with stalagmites, stalactites, and other formations. For more information contact Great Basin National Park, Baker NV, 89311, (702) 234-7331.

Mesa Verde National Park
Listed on the United Nations' World Heritage Site list of precious natural and cultural areas, Mesa Verde is a stunning compilation of more than 3,900 documented archaeological sites. The park's most famous features are the numerous, tiered Anasazi cliff dwellings tucked beneath the mesa tops. The park offers extensive interpretive displays on ancient Pueblo cultures and ranger-led hikes. Self-guided exploration of stabilized cliff dwellings is also allowed. For more information contact Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330, (970) 529 4465.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Monument Valley has been the setting for hundreds of commercials, dozens of movies, and print ads selling everything from cigarettes to herbal shampoo, to designer fashions. The Navajo People continue to live among the red rock buttes and eroded pillars for which the valley is famous. Monument Valley is also sacred to the Navajo Nation or Diné as they refer to themselves. Any exploration of the valley beyond the scenic drive must be accompanied by a Navajo Guide. From Bluff, Utah, state hwy 163 is a scenic journey to the Tribal Park Headquarters, where Navajo-guided tours may be arranged. For more information contact Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Box 360289, Monument Valley UT 84536 (435) 727-3287.

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